Make your Software architecture a foundation for business growth

Looking to catch up with the ever-changing technology?  Reach longevity, scalability, and effectiveness of your applications through resilient software architecture development

Well-crafted software architecture can save up to thousands of operational costs and development hours

We have witnessed the positive impact of well-designed software architecture on operational costs and development hours.

Our software architects have worked with 100+ projects and learned the art of establishing a secure, flexible, and smooth software development process that is in parallel to your business needs.

We will help you create a secure, scalable, and proficient software development process that meets your needs.


With the help of lightweight cloud components, achieve greater project responsiveness and availability


Adding new features is more convenient whether different front end or process rule

Cost optimization

Reduce infrastructure operational costs by adopting the pay-as-you-consume model


Your new architecture will comply with best practices in user security and monitoring, information security, and application-level security


Minimize application failures thanks to automated scalability that responds to fluctuating traffic


Achieve unparalleled cloud-based scalability that works for millions of users

Initiating a new cloud-based project? Feel your current architecture is not performing well? We have helped several clients to successfully implement cloud-computing.

Why implement microservices?

Our software architects are well-versed in using “micro” service software components that enables the rapid, frequent and reliable delivery of large, complex applications without rebuilding the entire code. It also enables an organization to evolve its technology stack.

Key benefits of Microservices

  • Highly maintainable and testable
  • Loosely coupled
  • Independently deployable
  • Organized around business capabilities
  • Owned by a small team

Build and run applications without thinking about servers

Services based on the serverless framework allow for running code, managing data, and integrating applications, all without managing servers. They feature automatic scaling, built-in high availability, and a pay-for-use billing model to increase agility and optimize costs.

These technologies also eliminate infrastructure management tasks like capacity provisioning and patching, so you can focus on writing code that serves your customers

Key benefits of serverless

  • Move from idea to market, faster
  • Lower your costs
  • Adapt at scale
  • Organized around business capabilities
  • Build better applications, easier

The most mature migration solution to easily migrate to the cloud and see business results faster.

With the migration to the cloud, you can benefit from IT cost savings, improvements in productivity, business agility, and operational resilience.

With over 10 years of experience in cloud services, we can migrate any workload – applications, websites, databases, storage, physical or virtual servers – and even entire data centers from an on-premises environment, or hosting facility to a cloud environment. Every step along the way, you can leverage our years of experience to build your organizational, operational, and technical capabilities to gain business benefits faster.

Our clients who migrated to the cloud from on-premises saw:

  • 31% average infrastructure cost savings
  • 62% more efficient IT infrastructure management
  • 3x more features delivered per year
  • 69% reduction in unplanned downtime
  • 43% fewer security incidents per year

Re-architect your application to take advantage of cloud-native capabilities

Rearchitecting applications involve sweeping change where an old monolithic application is completely revamped according to modern microservices architecture.

  • Retiring old technologies and adopting new ones.
  • Rehosting data from an on-premise server to a cloud server.
  • Replacing proprietary plugins and tools with industry-standard and open-source ones.

Key benefits of re-architecting

  • Reduce Costs of Ownership
  • Drive Agility with the Cloud
  • Achieve Application Resilience
  • Enable Scalability
  • Do Not Compromise on Monitoring and Security.

From the U.S. to Dubai, 98% of clients recognized our skills for cloud development projects


Student Wellness Platform

  • Three weeks for software architecture development for +3million unique users

Three weeks of cloud development can have a big impact

Architecture based on React (front end) and .NET (back end) performs fast enough to serve millions of users

Thanks to rigorous QA stress tests, the platform has become the leading student mental wellness platform in USA

Over 1500 schools and 3 million students from around the world now rely on the solution

We reduced maintenance and operational costs
from $30,000 to $2,000!

97.7% saved

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