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Break away from the competition and forge ahead on your digital transformation journey by leveraging our unique combination of skills, Domain expertise and Design proficiency.

We know what it takes to build an ideal mobile app

Our technical proficiency and business acumen help us build future-ready solutions across major mobile platforms such as iOS, and Android.

As an experienced enterprise mobile app development company, we help you build high-performing, engaging and feature-packed applications for both Android and iOS devices. They exceed user expectations and accelerate business growth.

Drawing from varied industry experience and thought leadership, we offer best-in-class native & cross-platform app development services to enable faster go-to-market. Our technical prowess enables us to create high-performance cross-platform apps that feel like native apps.

Putting your needs first

Excellent usability

From easy onboarding to intuitive navigation, we improve customer satisfaction and boost conversions.

Rich features

Give your users what they expect from seamless authentication to in-app payments to social media sharing

Top performance

We build smooth, blazing-fast mobile apps optimized for minimum resource consumption

Rock-solid security

Win users’ trust and increase adoption by providing secure, yet frictionless mobile experiences.

Novel capabilities

Tap into cutting-edge techs to enable next-gen efficiencies and take users by storm.

On any screen

Deliver consistent mobile experiences across platforms without sacrificing look and feel.


Leverage our technical competence to deliver top-notch apps for a lasting impression

Our technical prowess and business acumen help us build future-ready solutions across major mobile platforms such as iOS, and Android.

Cross-Platform Mobile App Development

Our development strategy includes consideration of compatible technology that improves overall cost-effectiveness while ensuring speed to market for your applications. They deliver excellent engagement and conversions across platforms, devices, & industries. We work with the latest cross-platform technologies to meet the user demands and help you reach a much wider audience.

Android App Development

Android OS offers many opportunities, but also poses unique challenges due to the proliferation of hardware. Our senior developers are able to minimize the difficulty posed to app design while supporting app creation no matter what stage of development your app is in, and help to position it in the top rankings of Google Play.

iOS App Development

Working in iOS offers the ability to work across three main devices—iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch—with unique potential in each area. Our developers have cracked the top 10 in the App Store and have worked in all areas including games, fintech, business apps, and more.

Tools & Technology





We helped Rhithm become one of the top mobile apps in its category


A student wellness check-in app

We developed mobile application used by +2,000,000 students per month in the USA

  • Revamping a hybrid mobile application
  • Building native mobile applications ready to compete on both Android and iOS

With our technical assistance, the client turned its brand new native mobile apps into successful products with 1,200,000+ verified users.

Rhithm had a great business idea, but it was with the help of a strong technological partner that they turned it into great native mobile applications visited by millions of users

The development of highly scalable native mobile applications made it possible for Rhithm to achieve +1,000,000 downloads

Whatever the technology, TPLEX’s technical prowess will ensure that you can focus entirely on growing your business.

We developed mobile applications used by +2,000,000 visitors per month in the USA

100% team scale up upon request

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