Outsource to Dedicated Software Development Teams

Quickly setup your team, attain high level of productivity and Value from day one with our dedicated team model.

Dedicated Team set up in less than 2 weeks to deliver end-to end software solutions

TPLEX provides a dedicated team based on resources your project demands. The team usually comprises of a Project Manager, Software and QA engineers and a Business Analyst based on your specific project needs. The management is jointly being conducted by a Scrum Master and your team.

By working with our dedicated development team, you have access to the talent with the precise expertise needed to overcome challenges and meet your projects demands. This model provides a set of skills that your in-house team may lack or work jointly to attain your business goals. Our work alongside your company staff to create and maintain software of the highest quality.

Our resources are fully bilingual and we hire only strong middle and senior engineers to run your project

Our Dedicated Teams work autonomously but communicate and provide status updates when required. Using Agile methodologies, the teams rely heavily on feedbacks and discoveries made during testing to shape their design and functions.

With our experienced resources and the Dedicated Team approach, TPLEX can immediately deliver software solutions with dedicated teams assembled immediately to work on your project.

Dedicated Team Model

Dedicated Team Model

This model is best suited if you have a long-term project with unclear requirements and potential changes in scope. If you don’t have the necessary skills to tackle the project at hand. The pricing model in Dedicated Teams is often monthly payments based on the team’s size.

A dedicate team model implies

dedicated team model
  • We manage the project and the team but offers multiple feedback options for you
  • We are responsible for aligning right resources into a Dedicated Team to meet your needs and requirements.
  • Your and our team coordinate the project’s workflow, including development schedules and deliverables.
  • More affordable option than hiring an in-house team.
  • Team dedicated exclusively to the project at hand.

Advantages of Dedicated Team model:

  • Continuous development and delivery for improved flexibility and scalability.
  • Faster workflow when compared to more strictly planned models.

Limitations of dedicated team model

  • Efficient only for long-term projects.
  • Less control over the development.

The staff augmentation model is best suited for:

In long-term projects with broad scopes and potential changes in requirements.

When dealing with a one-time tech project that doesn’t justify hiring an in-house team.

When your in-house team lacks experience and/or expertise related to the project at hand.

When you don’t want to take the hassle of hiring an in-house team

Our top talent

How do we setup our dedicated team structure?

We rely on a thorough talent process in order to handpick pre-vetted and qualified resources, which includes the examination of their soft skills, written tests and technical interviews to ensure that they are fully ready to take command of your project following your feedback. To do so, our dedicate teams usually include key roles that lead the project to successful completion. These include:

Frontend engineers

Backend engineers

QA engineers

UX/UI designers

DevOps engineers

Business analysts

Project managers

At TPLEX, we adjust our Dedicated Teams to your unique business needs, which means that this outlook would look different for your project. Our main goal, however, remains the same: to create the perfect team for your project.

tplex resource working

Our Engineers Fulfill All Your Project Needs


MVP building


App development

Database upgrade

Software Development

Cloud Engineering and DevOps








Event Mangement

Our Clients Testimonials

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Benefits of Dedicated Team Model

Given its flexibility and scalability, the Dedicated Team model comes with great benefits

  • fast-gathering-1
    Start Immediately

    Set up your dedicated development team from scratch in weeks, not in months, thanks to our 40+ in-software engineers, Project Managers and QA experts.

  • scaling
    Fast Scaling

    We know how to scale fast and steady, as we did for Patient Studio by expanding its development team 5x in three months during COVID-19-related lockdown.

  • faster-time-to-market-1
    Faster Time to Market

    We achieve results faster, as we did it with Rhtihm, developing an entirely new product via Dedicated Development Team model and launching it in 4 months

  • cost-reduction-1-1
    Cost Saving

    Onboarding our team can save your hiring and training cost that is 40% cheaper than building you own in-house development team.

  • tech-expertise-1
    Tech Expertise

    We like challenges. Regardless of platform, language technology or project size, we’re here to ensure the growth of your product.

  • business-growth
    Focus on Business Growth

    Hire our certified resources and save on cost of hiring and training new employees, have more resources to invest in your business.

Our Approach

How to hire top talent for your next project?


Discovering needs and requirements

We schedule a meeting to define your project’s scope.


Selecting talents

Next, we allocate a team of vetted engineers to kickstart your project.


Creating a legal agreement

A team would consist engineering manager, a group of experienced software developers, and any other role based on your project needs.



We choose the most relevant tools and technologies for your project, build the roadmap, and set up the team in less than 2 weeks.

More Engagement Models

There are also other engagement models to leverage our exceptional talent to work for you.


IT Staff Augmentation

TPLEX’s staff augmentation model provides the speed and professional acumen to quickly scale up your team and fill the skill gap to deliver your product on time with the best quality.

Our thorough recruitment process allows us to hire only the best resources ready to be part of your team and managed by your leaders according to your process


Software Outsourcing

From enhancing and updating pre-developed platforms to creating high-end SAAS applications from ground up, TPLEX is your reliable technological partner delivering custom software solutions.

With our software outsourcing model, you provide us the requirements of the software you need and we deliver you complete end-to-end software solution.

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