Technology Audit & Consultation

Our Technology Strategy & Advisory practice helps architects and realize exceptional business value from technology.

Align software architecture with your business goals

Hundreds of development hours can be saved with well-crafted software architecture. It serves as the basis for your software product’s scalability, performance, security, and modifiability. You want to make the best choice possible when selecting the software architecture for your product.

To tackle the most difficult business difficulties, we provide full-cycle information technology consulting services. We have you covered at every step, from updating legacy systems to recovering software initiatives to modernizing IT strategies.

Digital transformation consulting

To hasten your digital transformation, we recommend cutting-edge tech, frameworks, and new business process automation techniques.

Extensive business case analysis

In order to proactively identify the most pressing needs, we will thoroughly examine your company. While ensuring business continuity and cutting-edge risk management, we will assist in finding creative ways to maximize business value.

Enterprise optimization and digitalization

Our range of IT consulting services includes everything from workplace digitization to legacy system optimization. We'll assist you with automating HR operations, improving financial performance, streamlining administrative procedures, and more.

Innovation that drives business growth

Our experts continuously work on ongoing projects to test out new technologies, trends, and methodologies before applying this ready-to-use know-how to successfully solve customers’ issues while reducing costs and speeding up time to market.

Enhanced customer loyalty and retention

Use our IT consulting experience to improve your customer strategy, introduce fresh loyalty initiatives, uncover new opportunities for engagement across all channels, and more.


How we can help

Our global team of tech strategists, enterprise architects and transformation experts help harness technology and innovation as a way to reinvent every business.

Enterprise-grade architecturing

Our skilled architects have your back whether you need to create a complicated software architecture from scratch or upgrade your legacy system.

  • Software architecture analysis
  • High load, fault-tolerant architectures
  • Software architecture redesign
  • Comprehensive cloud consulting
  • Architecture and design consulting (monolithic, microservices-based, domain-driven, and more)

Robust security

Team up with us to put thorough risk management, cutting-edge fraud detection and prevention, and more into action.End-to-end data encryption

  • Identity and access management
  • Recovery capabilities
  • Security and penetration testing, risk tackling strategies
  • Regulatory compliance, including GDPR, PCI, HIPAA, and other standards

Performance and scalability

Our solution architects offers the most effective methods to optimize your software with an eye toward your future development.

  • Scalability benchmarking
  • Performance engineering
  • Built-in redundancy and dynamic load balancing
  • Standard and multi-CDN setups
  • Load, stress, and bandwidth testing

Detailed project scoping

The in-depth analysis of your IT infrastructure and business needs will allow us to prepare a detailed project scope and work breakdown structure. We’ll consult you on:

  • Engagement models
  • Scrum and agile software development methodologies
  • Open source vs. proprietary software dilemma
  • MVP scoping and release timeline
  • Optimal technology stack

Seamless system integration

We’ll help you connect disparate enterprise systems for better data visibility as well as integrate innovation into your business — without disrupting operations.

  • API and custom connector development
  • Database migration and validation
  • Integration testing to ensure data consistency across systems
  • Constant monitoring of integrated assets
  • Compliance with major interoperability standards, such as FHIR, SCORM, and more

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