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Supercharge Software Development, Increase Uptime, Automate Effectively With Our Cloud & DevOps Services.

Cloud environment implemented properly increases your software and team capabilities

Inefficient DevOps processes or difficulty adopting DevOps practices can leave you struggling to deliver new applications and services. You need sharpest knowledge to enable new cloud offerings and keep up with customer demand. That’s a lot to handle.

Either your DevOps and other cloud engineers can experiment with cloud environment if there’s time and money. Or you can kick-start your cloud development in days (not weeks) with our team having multiple-industries cloud development experience.

The TPLEX’s cloud native development team offers just that.

Full scalability

Downsize and upsize cloud computing resources of your application based on your usage.

Faster Time to Market

Software deployment up to 10 times faster by incorporating DevOps best practices.

Increased Productivity

Improved productivity by applying the principles of lean and agile software development practices.

Improved Collaboration

Streamline your development and operations, leveraging best practices and common toolsets to achieve the same goals

Automatic Software Updates

Mitigating costs and obviate the need for expensive on-premises infrastructure by leveraging cloud computing.


Achieve unparalleled cloud-based scalability that works for millions of users

Initiating a new cloud-based project? Feel you current architecture is not performing well? We have helped several clients to successfully implement cloud-computing.

Why use cloud architecture?

The cloud environment enables any app to entertain millions of users and generate decent revenue. That’s because the ability of cloud architecture to support rapid market delivery within days.

We build any application on any tech stack that ensures maximum scalability, speed and minimum costs that cannot be achieved with on premise servers.

Key benefits of cloud-architecture

  • Frequent deployment and easy roll back
  • Leverage several production-ready services to build faster
  • On demand auto-scaling
  • Exposure to global infrastructure at reasonable prices

Why cloud maintenance is pivotal?

Cloud maintenance is critical factor consider cloud platform have an uptime of 99.9% , that is only achievable if the team keeps the system up to date and monitored.

Our team follow best cloud practices to ensure resilient infrastructure of your web application with regular updates, hot fixes and error prevention

Key benefits of cloud maintenance

  • Bring down cost and resource consumption
  • Prevent production failures
  • Prevent downtimes
  • Keep system up-to date

Why migrate to the cloud?

Migration to cloud will help you enhance your business performance, improves your company scalability, ensuring security at the same time. It allows you to use your time to deliver business value instead of working on servers, thanks to varied pay-per-use cloud services to choose from.

Our team can help you migrate your on-premises server to cloud, allowing you to focus on your business and no more worry about the code

Key benefits of cloud migration

  • Allows rapid development
  • Reduce operational efforts with automation
  • Push performance limits unlike on-premises servers
  • Cost reduction through Pay as you go models

Why develop cloud tools?

Using custom cloud tools gets you ahead of the competition. Whether it is a Cloud-native extension to Docker or Kubernetes or data handling, security assurance and customer operators depends on how you work with the market

  • More administrative and secure cloud environment
  • Combination of functions from various systems
  • Adjusting cloud services based on your business requirements
  • Exceed the limitation of existing tools

Why expand your team?

Looking for talent? Shortage of time to upskill your DevOps team? Afraid of growing backlog and losing business opportunities?

Onboard our vetted resources without getting worried about the challenges that come up with recruiting on-premises resources.

Key benefits of team augmentation

  • Access to vetted resources within days
  • Expand you in-house team’s cloud knowledge
  • Expand and reduce your team on demand
  • Cost reduction through Pay as you go models

We have been recognized as official Azure and AWS consulting partner


From the U.S. to Dubai, 98% of clients recognized our skills for cloud development projects


Student Wellness Platform

  • Three weeks for software architecture development for +3million unique users

Three weeks of cloud development can have a big impact

Architecture based on React (front end) and .NET (back end) performs fast enough to serve millions of users

Thanks to rigorous QA stress tests, the platform has become the leading student mental wellness platform in USA

Over 1500 schools and 3 million students from around the world now rely on the solution

We reduced maintenance and operational costs
from $30,000 to $2,000!

97.7% saved

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