A technology partner of a leading Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) company in the global loyalty and promotions sector

Snipp has embarked on a quest to make their PAAS more scalable and efficient together with TPLEX


Snipp is a leading Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) company in the global loyalty and promotions sector. Snipp’s proprietary and modular SnippCARE (Customer Acquisition, Retention & Engagement) Platform allows its marquee list of Fortune 500 clients and world-class agencies and partners to use various modules of the Platform to run long-term and short-term programs and promotions, while continually generating and capturing unique zero party data that is invaluable in providing insights to drive sales.




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Business Context

The platform’s existing and planned features were organized into a variety of dashboards meant for different clients. As the number of big customers grew, Snipp needed help with rapid development of new innovative features that includes Real-time transaction processing, Technology integrations Data collection & analytics and to introduce some new integrations with Udemy and Webhooks

They were also facing trouble in terms of performance and scalability. The company reached out to TPLEX to improve the functionality of the existing system as well as expand it with new features.

Partnership Goal

To help Snipp innovate quicker by developing new features
and updating its existing architecture


Snipp appealed big clients with its notable machine learning-driven tools for sales and marketing. But it struggled to keep up with the pace of development the success caused.


With the help of TPLEX, the company added a lot of new features and restructured their architecture to improve both pace and consistency of development in the future.

Team Formation

In order to update the existing architectures and work on new features at the same time, TPLEX deployed 11 resources.

The team included 6 .NET developers, 3 QA engineers, 2 DevOps specialists and a project manager.

“We achieved what we hoped for with this project.
TPLEX scaled up a team quickly, added new features and restructured the system with strong project management and within budget.”

Atul Sabharwal

CEO, Snipp Interactive

Our Partnership

Our joint team restructured the system that performed well under traffic, had endless scalability potential, and was easy to operate for Snipp’s admins and customers.

Technology choice

Webforms and .Net Framework ( 2 and 3 ) for backend with languages used C# and VB

What we’ve achieved

On our part, we focused on creating a high-performing scalable system that would serve the company for a long time. A big part of this development project was third party integrations with Salesforce and Udemy and also migrating current architecture from VB.net c# websforms (.net version 2) to.net version 6

We also used custom OIDC provider to ensure secure authentication mechanism for our applications, and protection for our APIs.

With that, the company will not become the victim of its own success and continue to operate efficiently with as many as 5 million registered users visiting each month the platform alone

The Future

Even with the system upgradation and feature enhancements completed, the cooperation will last. There are still many new features to develop to make this system everything SNIPP wants it to be. We are looking forward to working on further development and improvements!

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