Developed one of its kind student wellness check-in platform operating in 27 states of USA

Created Rhithm from scratch, worked on consumer-facing features, and made the product more robust and user-friendly earned the company several awards for product innovation

About Rhithm

Rhithm was founded in 2019 is a wellness company that serves K-12 students, staff and administrators with wellness check-ins, practices, and lessons, while providing educators and administrators the most crucial data in the moment.

Their mission is to save and serve, one student and classroom at a time. Since 2019, Rhithm has grown to serve over 2 million students in 27 states through a powerful community of educators and admins who truly believe that Rhithm saves lives now, and serves for a better future, a solution that is created by TPLEX




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The Challenge

Our client approached us as its long-term technology consulting & development partner who is capable of creating the wellness platform from scratch, can work on consumer-facing features, and can make the product more robust and user-friendly while creating a long-lasting impact on its users.

The immediate business need was to build MVP in three months with an effective and engaging user experience for students, teachers, and administrators.

In the long term, there was also a need for a sustainable strategy for scalability to support more than 2 million users, to ensure optimal performance and real-time handling of the app (live sessions, users, and activities), to show maximum data on the dashboard with user-friendly interface and SSO for third party integration services.

Partnership Goal

To create a leading student mental check-in platform in preparation
for future scalability to save students’ lives.


An idea to fulfil the need for a mental health SEL solution that could be simple, efficient, and scalable


Under the TPLEX’s lead, Rhithm platform came into existence ready to serve millions of users

Team Formation

Rhithm’s platform development required a dedicated team on board.

TPLEX filled the talent and knowledge gap in weeks where the company would have needed months to do so. The line-up included a team of 20 including Project Managers, .NET developers, software engineers, DevOps and QA.

Our Partnership

For over 3 years, our joint team was building the system’s back-end components in .NET. It allowed RHITHM to enter markets 22% faster

Technology choice

.Net core, angular 8+ and SQL database, and MongoDB , Azure, Microservices

What Rhithm achieved

We initially started with a requirement engineering process, to identify the needs of important functionalities and propose the best technology solution. We created an infrastructure to demonstrate how the platform would work, before rolling out various phases of the solution, step by step.

To ensure Optimal performance and scalability basic architecture was migrated from SQL to MongoDB and entity framework to SQLKata (Micro ORM)

We continued with the optimization of Seamless Login Flow through implementing Azure serverless architecture

The main requirement was the real-time handling of thousands of concurrent users to take virtual live sessions that was achieved through implementing Pusher, third party API.

We need to maximise the effectiveness of the platform through engaging UI/UX .Keeping that in view, our creative team designed five simple categories (Mental, Emotional, Energy, Physical, Social – “MEEPS”) and an array of custom emojis to make it simple and yet engaging

Another achievement was to create a dashboard to deal with an immense amount of data in an uncomplicated, well-designed, and truthful way

Creation of smooth onboarding process through SSO to connect to the application through third-party applications like Classlink, Clever, and Google classroom

The Future

The platform is already released. We’re still working with the client to polish the details of the mobile application. The project marks an important milestone in the company’s quest to grow internationally ever more thanks to the scalability and performance boost it is expected to provide.

The achievements of the platform

The platform’s performance and ease of use won Rhithm several product-related awards in april 2022 is acquired for $100M by Securely, the student safety and wellness pioneer and a portfolio company of Golden Gate Capita

Reach a breakthrough in your project just like RHITHM did

For over 10 years, tech leaders from 10 industries entrusted TPLEX’s engineers with refactoring, development, and cloud computing works.

Work only with scalable technologies

Expect a software solution designed for stability, usability, and scalability thanks to next-gen technologies used at TPLEX : microservices, serverless, and cloud computing

+40 professionals available

Access to competencies going beyond product development as we provided the client with experienced Software Engineers, Technical Consultants, Data Engineers, and Business Analysts

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