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Technology leaders from 23+ countries have relied on the full-cycle expertise of our designers, frontend/backend developers, cloud architects, and DevOps for their Agile software development.

Choose an engagement model that fits your need

Determine and set a level of control and responsibility, as well as provide a base for further relationship development with us.

Dedicated Team Model

We take the pain out of hiring and managing top notch software engineers. Set up a dedicated software development team in weeks and integrate new resources into your in-house team as if they were full-time, on-site employees.

dedicated team model
  • Generally, we pre-built teams and tailored them to the project requirements.
  • Save set-up time and resources with full control of performance and technology.
  • Quickly gain access to our expertise.

When this form of engagement

This form of engagement is perfect if you are working with an in-house development team that you want to extend with additional skills or resources. Ideally, you are looking for a team to work in the context of a larger project. You need full-time dedicated developers along with Project Managers who can efficiently communicate with you and will flexibly handle new tasks as they come up.

Staff Augmentation Model

If you grow a product, develop new feature, scale your operations, you might need some extra help. For projects where it’s not viable to hire another person to fill a gap, consider reinforcing your in-house team with professionals you lack.

staff augmentation
  • Flexibility: Get the exact number of experts you need.
  • Easy upscaling to adapt to changing business requirements.
  • Suitable for both long and short-term involvement, when you face a problem that requires specific skills to address.

When this form of engagement

This form of engagement is perfect In case you have established a development team, but lack advanced expertise and need only specific resources with specific skills.

Fixed Scope Projects Model

We offer a fixed price/fixed scope model when the project specifications are reasonably clear. Under this low-risk model, we define the deliverables and timelines.

  • Precise, transparent, and well-planned roadmap requirements.
  • Minimum customer supervision.
  • The price-fixed project will be completed within budget and terms.
    Low cost for consumers and a fixed pricing model fit well for small pilot projects.

When this form of engagement

Fixed price model is low-risk with a managed workflow, clear requirements and fits small businesses.

Time & Material (T&M) Model

A model perfect for complex projects with inevitable changes in the specifications and design. It allows greater flexibility as project requirements may be altered on an ongoing basis.

  • Takes into account all the dynamics that go into software development, like changing requirements, upgrades, and probable risks.

When this form of engagement

For a complex, long-term project whose requirements might change.
When you want more involvement in project management – and more control.
You appreciate transparency in customer-vendor relationships.

Our top talent

How do we handpick our
Vetted Talent?

We rely on a thorough talent process in order to handpick pre-vetted and qualified resources, which includes the examination of their soft skills, written tests and technical interviews.

tplex resource working

Benefits of all engagement models

Set up or extend your development capacity, fast

  • fast-gathering-1
    Fast Gathering

    Set up your dedicated development team from scratch in weeks, not in months, thanks to our 40+ in-software engineers, Project Managers and QA experts.

  • scaling

    We know how to scale fast and steady, as we did for Patient Studio by expanding its development team 5x in three months during COVID-19-related lockdown.

  • faster-time-to-market-1
    Faster Time to Market

    We achieve results faster, as we did it with Rhtihm, developing an entirely new product via Dedicated Development Team model and launching it in 4 months

  • cost-reduction-1-1
    Cost Reduction

    Onboarding our team can save your hiring and training cost that is 40% cheaper than building you own in-house development team.

  • tech-expertise-1
    Tech Expertise

    We like challenges. Regardless of platform, language technology or project size, we’re here to ensure the growth of your product.

  • business-growth
    Focus on Business Growth

    Hire our certified resources and save on cost of hiring and training new employees, have more resources to invest in your business.


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